Rocky Rinker, Attorney at Law, P.A.

What is a Partition Action? In short, a partition is a court ordered sale of jointly owned property. A Partition Action is a lawsuit asking the court to order such a sale. Partition actions are common where a parent dies and leaves property to two or more siblings. One wants to sell, one wants to keep, and they cannot agree. The one that wishes to sell brings a partition action asking the court to order a sale so the proceeds can be fairly divided.

Partition is covered by statute in Florida, and certain attorneys’ fees can sometimes be recovered from the proceeds of a partition sale.

We have handled several partition actions and no two are the same. We always work hard and smart, and that is equally true regarding partition actions. Our firm effectively and efficiently analyzes the relevant facts and documents, including receipts for money spent on the property; we then quickly assess the case’s strengths and weaknesses. We file partition actions and we represent defendants in partition lawsuits. We write demand letters and we write responses to demand letters. In short, we are prepared to litigate when appropriate, and we are equipped to negotiate when that approach is more effective.

We bring our proven boutique approach to our partition clientele. This means our clients do not deal with layers of gatekeepers – secretaries, assistants, paralegals. Our clients communicate directly with their attorney. We strive to be direct and responsive. We understand that our clients do not want to wait, they want answers. We strive to provide efficient and responsive representation.