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What is a Surplus Claim? In short, when a house sells at a judicial foreclosure sale and the proceeds are greater than the amount owed, a surplus exists. Under certain circumstances, the homeowner may be entitled to receive that surplus; however, a Surplus Claim must be filed and presented in Court for approval.

Surplus Claims are covered by statute in Florida, and a number of factors, including the timing of the filing and the status of certain lienholders, can determine whether the owner’s claim will be approved.

We handle Surplus Claims and have found that no two are the same. We always work hard and smart, and that is equally true regarding surplus claims. Our firm effectively and efficiently analyzes the relevant facts and documents, including other liens filed against the property; we then quickly assess the claim’s strengths and weaknesses. We file surplus claims on behalf of our clients when appropriate, and we appear in court to help secure our client’s money.

We bring our proven boutique approach to our surplus clientele. This means our clients do not deal with layers of gatekeepers – secretaries, assistants, paralegals. Our clients communicate directly with their attorney. We strive to be direct and responsive. We understand that our clients do not want to wait, they want answers. We strive to provide efficient and responsive representation.