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Pinellas County Civil Litigation Attorney

We like to tell clients and other friends of the firm that if we do not practice in a particular area, we probably know someone who does. We appreciate that certain highly technical legal questions can benefit from an attorney who specializes in that field. Our approach is different.  We know that the term Civil Litigation is broad and covers a vast number of legal areas; however, we enjoy the diversity of a boutique practice, focusing not on any one area of law, but focusing on the client.

However, we do not practice Civil Rights law and do not currently have a recommendation for a lawyer in that area of law.

Pinellas County Foreclosure Defense

As a former Realtor with specialized training in foreclosure defense, Attorney Rinker is ready to put his talents to work for you. Home owners often think that nothing can be done after a default on their note. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are several defenses which may be available. If you do not claim your rights, you will lose them. Attorney Rinker is ready to Fight for your Rights.

Business Formations and Corporate Counsel

Attorney Rocky L. Rinker offers his cost effective professional services to businesses of all levels. These services include, but are not limited to negotiating contracts and agreements, composing contracts and agreements, contract dispute resolution, business litigation, collections, and business entity formations.

Criminal Defense

As a former Public Defender with Felony Trial experience, Attorney Rinker has defended the rights of hundreds who have been accused of both misdemeanor and felony offenses. Whether trial, motion or negotiation is in the client’s best interest, Attorney Rinker is prepared to fight for your rights!

Representation for all levels and all offenses including DUI, DWLSR, Possession, Trafficking, Battery, Drug Charges, Felonies, Misdemeanors, Fleeing & Eluding, Driving Charges, Sex Charges, Lewd/Lascivious, Resisting Arrest, Weapons Charges, and others.

Debt Collection Defense

Whether small claims court, county court or civil court, Attorney Rinker is prepared to battle the creditor on your behalf. This is especially true when a Debt Buyer is involved. How do you know a Debt Buyer is involved? Are you being sued by a company you never heard of before — if so, chances are it is a Debt Buyer. In those cases, there are technical rules in the Florida Statutes which must be followed in order for the Debt Buyer to have “standing” to pursue the case. These Statutes establish your rights. If you do not claim your rights, you lose them. Attorney Rinker is ready to Fight for your Rights!

Landlord Tenant Matters

Landlord Tenant Actions are frequently handled in small claims court. Some very technical statutory requirements often mean the difference between winning and losing in these matters. In certain circumstances, your attorney fees can be paid by your opponent in these cases. Attorney Rinker welcomes your call to discuss your case.

Other Areas –Representative Matters

Over the years, we have handled a variety of different types of cases. The list below is not exhaustive and is provided to show that we do not specialize in a singular area of law; but we do specialize in one thing — helping our clients in achieving their goals.

Real Property Partition
Construction Defects
Surplus Claims
Promissory Note Litigation
Equitable Lien
Injunctive Relief
Contract Disputes
Contract Review
Business Formations
Commercial Landlord Tenant
Injunctive Relief
Non-Compete Issues

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Attorney Rinker was an accomplished businessperson whose career path led him to serving in the Military Intelligence division of the U.S. Army, as a journalist covering business and commerce for the Journal of Commerce in New York, trade and lifestyle publications, and the daily newspaper serving the Norfolk, Virginia metro region. As a journalist, he interviewed business, government and opinion leaders including executives, civic boosters , educators, governors, mayors and legislators. Attorney Rinker was also an accomplished realtor, had his own thriving business as a software developer, and successfully negotiated commercial contracts as a telecommunications salesperson. This diverse background enriches Attorney Rinker’s skill as an effective lawyer, and uniquely qualifies him to quickly understand problems, devise and implement solutions.

Initial Consultations are free, and can be scheduled at one of our offices or other locations by arrangement. The law firm accepts all major credit cards.