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Rocky Rinker and Monica Hirsch Wilson have combined forces to assist civil theft clients for nearly a decade. More information about each of these attorneys is provided below, but the bottom line is that their unique collaboration combines fierce litigation with a respect for and knowledge of the litigation process. They are not afraid to go to court!  You will speak with one of the attorneys during the consultation. If representation follows, they will both fight for you and protect your interests. Click the link above to request a consultation now.

The law firm of Rocky L. Rinker, Attorney at Law, P.A., provides cost effective representation (generally) and that applies to Civil Theft as well.

What is Civil Theft? In short, if someone retains your money or property and refuses to return it, you may be entitled to triple damages if you prevail in court under a Civil Theft Claim.

Civil Theft is covered by statute in Florida, and a number of highly technical factors, including the timing and content of the statutory demand letter, can determine whether the claim will be sustained. If you do prevail in the civil lawsuit, the court may order your opponent to reimburse you for part or all of your attorney fees and court costs.

We handle Civil Theft Claims and have found that no two are the same. Sometimes a properly drafted demand letter can lead to a very cost-effective resolution. We always work hard and smart, and that is equally true regarding Civil Theft Claims. Our firm effectively and efficiently analyzes the relevant facts and documents, including an analysis of the elements of proof; we then quickly assess the claim’s strengths and weaknesses and devise a strategy.

We bring our proven boutique approach to our Civil Theft clientele. This means our clients do not deal with layers of gatekeepers – secretaries, assistants, paralegals. Our clients communicate directly with their attorneys. We strive to be direct and responsive. We understand that our clients do not want to wait, they want answers. We go all out to provide efficient and responsive representation.

Meet Monica Hirsch Wilson

Monica Hirsch Wilson, has more than 11 years of experience litigating hundreds of foreclosure complaints and business disputes in Volusia, Flagler, St. Johns, and Duval Counties, including claims for breach of contract and real estate matters. Her Daytona office is located on the ground floor of the Warren Harding Building across from the Fifth District Court of Appeals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I handle this court matter on my own or do I need an attorney?
I have heard that litigation is expensive; how much is this going to cost me?
Since there are so many variables that can impact the costs of litigation, how do I know how much to pay for attorney’s fees and when do I pay them?

Client Testimonials

Best attorney we’ve ever hired!!
Rocky is a no nonsense, qualified and personable attorney. Truly the first attorney our company has hired in 30 years who represented us for the amount he said and in the manner in which he promised. That is a breath of fresh air. Rocky kept us informed during the entire process. We always felt our cases were important to him. Rocky is an attorney who is tenacious, but not arrogant. We wish he practiced other areas of law so we could use him for all our legal needs!
Goes the extra mile attorney!
Monica Wilson represented me in a complicated creditor case and definitely went to the utmost in professionalism. Monica has a personal touch that takes away the fears and at the same time gives confidence that your best outcome will prevail. I would highly recommend Monica Wilson to anyone that needs legal assistance and will personally make it my business to send business to her the rest of my days.

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