Construction Disputes

Construction disputes can take many forms in Florida, and often, the outcome of a case can be impacted by whether the pre-suit notices were properly written and served. Also, filing an illegal lien can prove costly. In short, construction litigation is a highly technical area that involves the intersection of several of Florida statutes, and it should not be taken lightly. Generally, this is not an area for do-it-yourselfers.

Whether you are a homeowner that is dissatisfied with a contractor’s work, or a contractor who simply wants to be paid what is due, the collaboration of these two firms provides a cost effective means of accomplishing your goal.

We handle Construction Disputes of all types and have found that no two are the same. Litigation can be expensive and can sometimes be avoided if early negotiations are handled properly. Sometimes a properly drafted demand letter with specific statutory citations can lead to a very cost-effective resolution. We always work hard and smart, and that is equally true regarding Construction Dispute Matters. Our firms effectively and efficiently analyze the relevant facts and documents, including an analysis of the elements of proof; we then quickly assess the claim’s strengths and weaknesses and devise a strategy.

We bring our proven boutique approach to our Construction Dispute clientele. This means our clients do not deal with layers of gatekeepers – secretaries, assistants, paralegals. Our clients communicate directly with their attorneys. We strive to be direct and responsive. We understand that our clients do not want to wait, they want answers. We go all out to provide efficient and responsive representation.